Jumaat, 17 Julai 2009

Kemana Pergerakan Emas Seterusnya (17072009)

Gold rose above level 922 (above the higher bound of “a-a+” downtrend), what cleared the road up to resistance level 939 (the higher bound of “B-B+” trend). In case the gold rises above level 942, it will get to level 952. On the other hand, if the gold rebounds from current level 938, it will get down to support 919.


Having stopped slightly below the strategic resistance level 998 (“Z” trend line), gold eventually formed up a “double top” trend-turning figure at H4 graph (denoted as “a-a+” trend) and executed it after getting under the level 967. Such an event is a very important signal for “B-B+” daily trend’s turn. I’m expecting its lower bound to be broken shortly and, if gold goes under the level 945 (under the “B” trend line), the uptrend will be changed to downtrend and gold will set the target of lowering to support level 903.


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