Ahad, 24 Mei 2009

Kemana arah pergerakan emas (25052009)

Okay.. kemana pergerakan emas seterusnya. Sila perhatikan pergerakan emas berikut: 

Ini merupakan pergerakan emas secara long term. Untuk mencapai paras USD1000.00/oz pergerakan emas akan menghadapi beberapa kali turun naik harga bagi membolehkan mengambil momentum untuk ke arah percubaan  usd1000.00 buat kali ke 3.

Berikut analysis for H8

If this count is correct, we are not likely to see Price of Gold below 940 for several more weeks, possibly in late June at the earliest.

After catching up with my studies, I'm seeing the significant potential for Price of gold to top this current wave up early this week (Monday?) and then start it's slide into early June, with a low as extreme as 880, before another rally takes off. My concern is that if it comes to pass, it may signify a C of (B) wave up into late June/early July, with a Major wave (C) down to come there after into Aug-Nov. Ending somewhere between 640-750.

I see a USD bullish count that could make for a rally back up to 94.70 - 96.51, however for this to be accomplished, stocks AND PMs would have to sell off hard. A serious general tax-hike threat might do it, along with an excise tax on gold bullion purchases? I'll try to plot this count soon.

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